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Hazelwood Avenue, Co.Sligo

This now complete is an 'L' style design to respect the site characteristics fronting onto Hazelwood Avenue and lane-way adjacent .The south facing elevation looks onto lough gill and has extensive glazing to maximize solar gains and views
The site is located within an scenic area, the proposed development respects this and the dwelling has been split in level from the entrance to the site resulting in a dwelling well absorbed into the landscape and not affecting any of the respected views.
This is low energy designed dwelling, achieving a BER of A3.The Specification included U-Values as low as .15 in the walls , .15 in the roof , .10 in the floors and .8 in the windows.
The main heat source is a geothermal heat pump with underfloor heating, it boasts an air tight test rating of 1.8 and also includes mechanical heat recovery ventilation.
The highest electricity bill so far has been 170 Euro or thereabouts and substantially lower in summer much to the client satisfaction.

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