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JSA is a Sligo based Practice which was established in 2008 by Jim Sheridan and has expertise in all the disciplines of architectural services.

Jim is a chartered architectural technologist and building engineer with extensive experience in all disciplines of architecture including projects such as housing schemes, hotels, mixed use developments, warehouses, industrial units, commercial, office units and bespoke private houses since 1998.

The Practice specialises in Residential, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Housing/Apartment developments. The main workload at present involves bespoke private houses, house extensions, office refurbishments and commercial development/alterations developing projects from inception to completion.

The practice is a BIM orientated practice (Building Information Modelling) implementing BIM on all our projects since practice start up in 2008. Bim produces a 3D model which can be viewed by the client having all the characteristics of the constructed building providing excellent translation of the finished product which is more visual over 2D.The model can be translated to the client in a number of ways from initial presentation in our office viewing the model virtually and providing walk troughs and providing 3D sketch Proposals. QuickTime Movies can also be produced at Client request.

Our projects initial site visit/consultation/fee quotation on any proposed project is complimentary on the hopeful conclusion of securing the project. Although we are a relatively young practice, we are mindful of our heritage and are always looking to the future in both our design and technology, Jsa has a special interest in low energy developments and developing details and construction methods to obtain the highest possible building energy ratings tom meet client requirements incorporating renewable energies.

JSA translates client requirement into real and sustainable building designs.

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